Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater holds event in Redlands


Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater staff members recently held an event for children from the Micah House after-school program of Redlands.

The event was a Wonderland Tea Party at which the Mad Hatter, played by David Dysart, and the Fairy Godmother, played by Dimyana Pelev, tried to sort out the guest list for Alice’s un-birthday celebration, with Kayleigh Lacy portraying Alice.

Snow White, played by Tyler Marie Deveau, and Dorothy of Oz and her Scarecrow, played by Zoe Remund and Julian Aveling, visited, and the tea was interrupted by Cinderella and her Prince, played by Ha’nnah Bunker and William Chinnock.

Laura Evans as the Scottish Princess entertained guests with her fiddle playing, and Didi Pelev as the Queen of Hearts comically terrorized the tea-goers.

Children, teenagers and adults attending were on their feet, smiling, concentrating and, after some practice, dancing with the characters.

The Stars of Tomorrow staff also served chocolate chip muffins.

“It was beautiful to see the children live out a dream of meeting their favorite fairy tale characters,” said Kayleigh Lacy, a dance captain with Stars of Tomorrow.

Dimyana Pelev is president and co-founder of Stars of Tomorrow.

Stars of Tomorrow holds musical theater camps all summer for children age 6 and older.

For information, visit or call 909-335-1082.

Source: Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater

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