About Us

Who we Are

Micah House is an educational after-school program for children and youth from 1st through 12th grades. Establish in 2001, Micah House seeks to meet the tremendous challenges faced by kids today in the under-resourced neighborhoods of North Redlands.

Why We Exist

Micah House exists to bridge the gap from school to home providing homework help, tutoring, literacy education and character-building themes which would not otherwise be available to under-resources students in Redlands. In addition to homework Micah House offers extracurricular activities including art, music, bike restoration, and gardening. The computer lab and volunteer tutors make study times both fun and meaningful.

The daily program integrates each component as a tool to model character-building concepts of sportsmanship, teamwork, anger management and self-confidence, skills that are essential for a productive, healthy and successful life.

What’s the Micah House Difference?

Micah House is an educational enhancement program that emphasizes spiritual development as well as academic improvement. Micah House celebrates individual and group successes. Positive reinforcement is used to motivate children who are rewarded for their attendance, participation, homework completion, meeting goals, good behavior, team-work, and helping others.

Our Vision




Micah House is an outreach of Trinity Community Foundation (TCF) whose purpose is to mobilize volunteers to provide programs that focus on the educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of children and youth. These programs include homework help, recreational activities, and literacy education.

We achieve this vision through…

  • partnering with families to influence the neighborhoods where students live.
  • complimenting the public school’s efforts.
  • helping students with their daily assignments.

Our approach recognizes that it is necessary for people to have their basic needs met to be able to thrive academically and develop a strong emotional and spiritual foundation. We believe that a whole-family approach produces the best results for children, youth, and families and the communities in which they live.

I have had a desire to help out at Micah House for years! But, with my kids’ schedules, etc, we had never committed to it. My daughter had community service hours to fufill this year, so, we decided to make it a family activity. My older kids and I go for one hour a week. I love that there is an opportunity for us right here, so close! I pray that our little bit of time will have an eternal impact! – Laura Denmark

Helping at Micah House has allowed me to become a servant in Christ and God has truly blessed me… it is I that must say THANK YOU for the opportunity to serve. – Renee Anderson