Micah House & The Burrage Mansion

Micah House & The Burrage Mansion: A Vision
When Redlands native Tim Rochford purchased the historic Burrage Mansion in 2008, his vision was to restore and preserve this Redlands treasure and then to put the mansion to use in a way that would somehow benefit local children in need. Mr. Rochford initially thought of setting up an orphanage, but soon learned that was unfeasible. He realized that he could be helping many more children by offering use of the mansion to various Redlands-based nonprofits already serving underprivileged kids.

Mr. Rochford learned about the Micah House and toured our facility with his foundation’s Executive Director, Dr. Ellen Timothy. They saw first hand how the Micah Houses programs, staff and volunteers are helping the very children the Rochford Foundation also wants to serve, in ways supportive of their foundation’s principles of respect, compassion, and responsibility. Soon after, Micah House staff toured the mansion, and our partnership and friendship was officially launched.

The Burrage Mansion and its 17-acre grounds will provide a sanctuary, a place for our children to get away without cost-prohibitive and time-prohibitive travel. The mansion is a connection to a simpler era, and the Micah House kids will have the opportunity to play, reflect, learn, laugh and grow in this safe, beautiful and serene environment.

We have activities planned throughout the year, an Easter egg hunt, where kids decorate cupcakes, make crafts, and learn the true meaning of Easter. And, of course, there is the Easter egg hunt for the nearly 900 eggs that are hidden around the property! Other events include bike rides through the orange groves, art classes, boys’ campouts, girls’ sleepovers, and a Christmas celebration in December.

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 3:20-21 that God is: “able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” The Burrage Mansion/Micah House partnership is an example of how God has blessed the Micah House children in a way that we could not have even asked or imagined, and we look forward to this long relationship to benefit the kids.

Micah House Enrichment Workshops
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Easter Egg Event 2011:
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Kid’s Letters to Tim Rochford
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Christmas Event 2010
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